About Magan Khadi

When did Magan Khadi start operations?

We started khadi fabric and apparel operations in 2001. However, our parent organization – Magan Sangrahalaya Samiti – was established in 1949 to primarily look after the museum (Magan Sangrahalaya) which was established by Gandhiji.

Do you have Khadi certification from KVIC?

Yes, we do. We are in a position to use the word “khadi” in our communications.

Where are your physical stores?

We have only one physical store – in our premises in Wardha, Maharashtra.

Do you have any franchisees, wholesalers or retailers selling your products?

No, we do not at this point of time. However, a number of stand-alone stores and boutiques do sell our material and apparel.

Why are you not part of the KVIC “umbrella”?

We are a private player in the apparel business. While there are some subsidies that you receive from KVIC, we felt it was better to stay outside that fold.

About our Production Facilities

Where are your production facilities?

We have our ginning, roving and sliver preparation at our Unit in Girad, 30 kms. from Wardha. There, raw cotton is cleaned and made into sliver ready for spinning. This sliver is spun into khadi fibre, and woven, dyed and printed in our main facility in Wardha.

Where do you get your raw cotton from?

We get the raw cotton from around 50 farmers in and around our Girad plant, who grow 100% organic cotton. We pay these farmers 10% more for their cotton, as compared to chemically grown cotton. All Magan Khadi products are made out of this 100% organic cotton grown in Girad.

What are the processes for transforming this raw cotton into usable fabric?

a.  The raw cotton is first ginned or cleaned, wherein the dirt and the seeds are separated from the cotton fibres. b. Then the cleaned cotton is now carded or made into slivers. This involves orienting all the fibres in the same direction, and roughly twisting them into slivers, which look like ropes but are of very low density. c. The next process is reeling or spinning, wherein the slivers are twisted tightly so that it becomes a thread of strength. This is done on charkhas or spinning wheels, which are nowadays driven by solar energy. d. Then the individual threads on spindles are warped wherein yarns from different spindles are combined together to form a sheet. e. The warped yarn is then woven, by passing threads in perpendicular direction to that of the warped sheet, so that both these threads form a “locked” sheet which is the fabric. f.   Now this finished fabric is subjected to dyeing and printing.

Do you have in-house tailors?

Yes, we do have in-house designers and tailors to translate those designs into reality.

Do you use child labour at any stage?

Magan Khadi does not use child labour in its operations, or in any portion of its extended supply chain

What is the production capacity of your complete facilities

The production capacity of the sliver making operation is around 5 tonnes of raw cotton per day. This gives us a yield of around 1.5 tonnes of sliver. This can be stepped up depending on requirements. The warping and weaving capacity is around 500 metres of raw fabric per week, but this can also be stepped up using other weavers in and around Wardha.

What quality control do you emphasise?

We check the quality of the product right from the raw cotton stage. We do send our intermediates and finished products for testing at renowned laboratories. However, as khadi is a hand-made fabric, there are bound to be variations in the weave and colour of the dye across products or batches. This are integral aspects of our products, and part of their charm.

Are you certified under ISO-9001 or similar standards like ESI-14001 for environmental management?

We are not, at present. However along with Organic Certification, we intend to take up both quality and environmental management accreditations.

About Organic Khadi and our Products

Why do you call your fabric “organic”? Is it certified?

All raw cotton that we use in our processes is grown in a 100% organic manner, without the use of any chemical fertilisers, pesticides or weedicides. We are the process of getting organic certification. All our dyes are also prepared from organic sources.

What are the advantages of organic khadi, over “normal” khadi?

Organic khadi has the advantage of being extra-sensitive to both ambient temperature and relative humidity. We call this AABF – Automatically Adjusting Breathing Fabric. So not only is organic khadi kind to you and your body, it is also kind to the environment, as our dyes are made from natural ingredients

Why should I wear organic khadi?

Organic khadi gives you a whole different feel as compared to mill-woven cloth, or even other khadi. It is softer to the touch, and complements your body’s temperature, so that you actually feel cooler in summer, and warmer in winter. So wear organic khadi as a sign of your being with the times, and a lover of the environment.

Isn’t khadi a symbol only of our Independence movement? Is it relevant today?

Sure, khadi is intimately associated with our Independence movement, especially with the Father of our Nation. At that time, it was a sign of protest against colonialism. In today’s world, khadi is no longer viewed as a fabric of protest. You will be seen as someone who wants to Live Softly, leave the world a better place for the next generation, while at the same time, and wearing the trendiest clothes at the forefront of today’s fashion. Wear it as a statement, wear it as a comfortable fabric, and to paraphrase a famous footwear brand, Just Wear It.

Will I get value for the price I am going to pay?

While we don’t really price our products based on what the market will bear, we ensure that each of our customers are completely satisfied with what they have bought. We need you to tell others about us.

Why does each of your “identical” products look different from each other?

There will always be differences because the weaving could have done on a different loom, or the dyeing would have applied better to one batch of the fabric than the other. It is these small differences that  make hand-made fabric that much more exciting to wear. However, the quality of the fabric and the fastness of the dyes are tested stringently at our end.

What do you do with your effluents?

We do not have liquid effluents, as the water from our washing and dyeing processes is recycled completely.


Why is there a “Comments” space for each and every item that I order?

This is to accommodate any individual preference that you might have. For example, on a certain fabric, you might ask for the stripes to be in dark blue, instead of black as shown in the product photograph. Or you might want two pockets on the front of your T shirt.

How will I know if you have received my order?

You will get a confirmation of payment from our payment partner on your registered mobile phone or email address. In addition, you will get a confirmation from us on receipt of order and payment, and the date of dispatch and delivery to your shipping address.

What happens if the item I ordered is “out of stock”?

Not a problem, we shall fast track production of your order, and send you a confirmation about date of dispatch and delivery, just like any other order.

Is there a way in which I can geta discount when I order items in bulk?

Yes, there is. In the case of a bulk order (more than 100 metres, 25 items, or a value of Rs. 25,000) you can contact us at, in case we don’t get back to you on this.

Do you have a scheme wherein I can pay later, or in EMI’s?

Sadly, no.

Is GST chargeable on your products?

All readymade apparel – Shorts, Sarees and Stoles are charged GST at 5%. Fabrics are exempt from GST.

What are the advantages for signing up for an account on your website?

It makes it easier for you to look at earlier orders of yours, plus enables you to do quicker ordering in the future.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all credit and debit cards – Visa, Master, RuPay and Amex, as well as internet banking. This is as per the details mentioned by our payment partners – PayUMoney, PayTM and Pay Pal.

When will I get charged for my order?

You will get charged as soon as you place your order

Is it safe to use my debit/credit card on your website?

It is completely safe. For additional safety, please try not to use the “Save my card for future transactions” option.


How long does it take to ship my order?

We ship within 2 days of placement of the order.

How do I track my order?

Our website will give details of the AWB for your order. These can be tracked using the website of our shipping partner – DHL or Shipyaari.

How much does it take to ship to my location?

It differs from location to location and will be mentioned specifically on your order.

How do you estimate the cost of shipping, and the delivery time?

This is done using the algorithm of our shipping partners.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do using DHL

What are the charges internationally?

One word – astronomic. But if you are buying in bulk, it is somewhat more down to earth

Can you ship to multiple addresses within a single order?

Normally, no. Unless of course, it is a juicy large order. Seriously, do let us the know the list of addresses and items for each address through a separate mail to

Returns and Exchanges

Under what circumstances will you accept returns?

Under pandemic conditions, we are loathe to do this. But in case the products are totally unsoiled, but not your size or to your liking, do return them by courier to us and mention your order number on your package. Send us an email to, just to be on the safe side. We shall arrange to refund the order value to your mode of payment at the earliest. Your courier charges for returning the products are to your account.

Can we exchange items if they are not to our liking, for another item which we like better?

Yes, you can. However, to discourage more of this to and froing, we can accommodate only one exchange per order. The difference, if any, between the total price of the products returned versus the total price of the products sought in exchange, shall either be credited to your mode of payment, or will be required from you as an additional order.

How will I receive a refund, and when?

The refund shall be to the mode of payment that you utilized. Credit card accounts will be credited, as will bank accounts for debit cards and for net banking payments.

Customer Support

How do I contact Customer Support?

By email to,  or by phone to +91 95036 19853.

How do I stop getting notifications from you?

Just let us know

Will you share my information with anyone, for a fee?

No way,

Can I send in my order on email because it is quite complicated?

Yes, you can, although the rest of the process does tend to get a bit complicated, but that’s our hassle. Please go ahead.

How can I modify my order?

Yes, you can. But please do that before we dispatch the material.