Wear Khadi. Look Good. Do Good. Experience the wonder of pure, organic Magan Khadi. Light, soft, hand spun and hand woven Magan Khadi is a wonder fabric that is cool in summer and warm in winter. Brought alive with natural dyes and prints, Khadi is the ultimate eco and skin friendly fabric. We create smart designs and stylish all-season lines to suite the new, modern you. Every time you buy khadi, you enable the livelihood of farmers and skilled artisans.

Mahatma Gandhi urged the adoption of khadi as a means to economic freedom. However, the sustainable production processes available now, coupled with their low carbon footprint, and the importance of going back to nature through reducing the use of chemicals in everyday life, find new resonance in the production of organic khadi.

Magan Khadi procures raw organic cotton from over 60 farmers of Samudrapur and Arvi. The raw organic cotton is ginned, roved and transformed into sliver in our unit at Girad. Solar spinning, weaving, production of organic dyes from natural ingredients, and making of finished products and apparel is conducted totally in-house at our centres.

Organic khadi apart from being gentle to our eco-system, also gives a tremendous advantage of comfort to the wearer. This is what we call AABF – nothing secret about it. Organic Khadi is Automatically Adjusting Breathing Fabric. The yarn is sensitive to changes in ambient temperature and humidity, and changes texture to ensure that the body temperature is maintained. You feel much more comfortable wearing organic khadi. Sure, you help all our farmers, workers, spinners, weavers, dyers and tailors, but it feels so good to wear